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In this technological age, a lot of business and transactions are taken place on a virtual platform; this is no different when it comes to commerce. To take your business to the next level, and expand the clientele, you must develop a digital platform to market your brand. Platforms that can be used include: Instagram, Facebook, websites, mailing lists, Whatsapp and Zoom for virtual pop-ups and other experiences/events. In order to be successful on these platforms, one must know the target audience primarily. This will enable you to know which platform is more effective, and the strategies that ought to be implemented. 

Whether it is a website and/or a social media platform, there are some factors to consider when promoting online, to attract an audience.


  • Layout

As a potential consumer is introduced to your page; the first thing that stands out to them is the general aesthetic. This is an important aspect to your business, and can either 'make it or break it'. You should have a clean layout on your website/ page- one that is easy to navigate, user friendly and pleasing to the eye. This encourages your buyer to partake in your brand. There are several aids available to brands, to make the process of website management quite easy (such as Squarespace and Wix). Take advantage of these software to develop your digital landscape.

  • Clarity of products

Next to the overall landscape of the website, you must ensure that the products being offered are taken in high resolution, as they provide a clearer display to the consumer. There should be a photoshoot of the items that is unique, relevant in addition to visible. Ensure that the product(s) that are being promoted are identifiable to the customer.

Note: photo resolution reduces as it is shared throughout several platforms; therefore, use the original photo when sharing on multiple platforms to avoid blurry images.

  • Visibility 

With all the work being put in, the main objective of marketing is for your brand and products to be seen by your audience. There are many strategies to adopt to ensure that your brand is seen, and traffic is driven to your page. With regards to websites, the major avenues are through search engine optimisation (SEOs) and Pinterest. Both systems use an algorithm, which must be researched and adopted, to place specific websites at the top of search results. This is done by a combination of keywords for example. On the other hand, with regards to social media, hashtags can be implemented to drive traffic to your page. Specifically on Instagram, you can input a popular hashtag on your post, and once a user searches that hashtag, it has the ability to be publicised. There are free hashtag generators available online for you to utilise, if you want an ease into what are trending and good hashtags to input. Both SEOs and Hashtags are integral to driving traffic to one's page.

  • Highlight events 

Do you have an important event? A sale or discount? Attract your audience to this content, by pinning it at the top of the feed. As they see the sale at the top of the page, they will be encouraged to browse through the rest of it, in addition to partake in the events. Specials that are taking place in the business provides an incentive to customers to return for more; therefore, if it is the first thing that is seen on the sight it will entice the audience and provide awareness.

  • Analyse 

Advertising on a digital platform focuses heavily upon strategies. You MUST track the outcome of each ad to determine if it works for you or not. Is it worth boosting posts to a specific demographic? Or am I wasting money and time? After you analyse every finding, make a rational decision and stick with it. Make informed decisions about your advertising! Note: There are free trials available for businesses- Take advantage of them to see what works for you.

  • Connect with consumers

Your consumers are the most important stakeholders in your business. They can either stifle or develop your business. Therefore, it is only right to show them some appreciation through posts. When customers provide you with gratitude and even an image, take the opportunity to provide a ‘testimonial’. This will propel them from being a customer to a brand ambassador. This encourages future clients to be a part of the community and develops a sense of trust as they see directly that others are happy with the brand.

  • Content planning

And finally, be sure to be aware of your business and the seasons. To be success on the digital platform, you must engage in content planning. This requires a calendar of events that are recognised globally, in addition to ideas that the business would like to promote.  Be aware of the season, and plan what is being promoted to your customer strategically.

Above all, when attracting customers on a digital platform, use positive call to action. Encourage and motivate them to make specific steps to support your business. When speaking to customers/ consumers and other stakeholders, always remember to be courteous, as they lead you into success. 

Now let us take the leap and go forward into the digital market!

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