Driving Business Online

In this technological age, a lot of business and transactions are taken place on a virtual platform; this is no different when it comes to commerce. To take your business to the next level, and expand the clientele, you must develop a digital platform to market your brand. Platforms that can be used include: Instagram, Facebook, websites, mailing lists, Whatsapp and Zoom for virtual pop-ups and other experiences/events. In order to be successful on these platforms, one must know the target audience primarily. This will enable you to know which platform is more effective, and the strategies that ought to be implemented. 

Whether it is a website and/or a social media platform, there are some factors to consider when promoting online, to attract an audience.


  • Layout

As a potential consumer is introduced to your page; the first thing that stands out to them is the general aesthetic. This is an important aspect to your business, and can either 'make it or break it'. You should have a clean layout on your website/ page- one that is easy to navigate, user friendly and pleasing to the eye. This encourages your buyer to partake in your brand. There are several aids available to brands, to make the process of website management quite easy (such as Squarespace and Wix). Take advantage of these software to develop your digital landscape.

  • Clarity of products

Next to the overall landscape of the website, you must ensure that the products being offered are taken in high resolution, as they provide a clearer display to the consumer. There should be a photoshoot of the items that is unique, relevant in addition to visible. Ensure that the product(s) that are being promoted are identifiable to the customer.

Note: photo resolution reduces as it is shared throughout several platforms; therefore, use the original photo when sharing on multiple platforms to avoid blurry images.

  • Visibility¬†