BRANDEMIC - Branding in the time of COVID

We know that getting traction to your business may be a daunting and overwhelming process within these new times, but we are here to help you through. This is such a great opportunity for businesses to re-establish their connections with old customers, while meeting some new faces. This is the time to grab the reigns on your branding- you do not want to miss out on capturing some additional sales.

Here are some tips you can implement to improve business activity this COVID period:

* Reconnecting with customers/market

Ensure that you engage with your audience, and understand what they need at this time. Reconnect with your customers- find out what they want and provide it to them. Be sure to do you research as to know what is trending, and is specific to your target audience at this unusual time. Each brand is different, but looking back at your mission and vision statement, will help you define what products to release at this time.

New arrivals are always looked forward to by customers, as they are provided with a new look or a new service, and this can make one excited for what you have in store- showing that you care about them.

* Be Social - give to the community

Give back to your customers, and tell them thank you. Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and this can be a give away, a pop up shop, a social event and offers. Why not introduce one at this tough time. This is one of the only times that your audience may have the time to participate. For example, introduce a contest to the consumer that will engage them to make purchases, or engage in promotions, for a grand prize. While they advertise and partake in your brand, you will be introduced to new clients while achieving new sales. And while you are able to gain from your customers, they will be gaining a connection with your brand and an opportunity to win. Everyone is happy!

*Use of social media

Be active and vocal on the market! We know that social media is an integral aspect to promoting your brand, especially during the "new normal" of physical distancing in 2020. And you should ensure that the audience is able to connect with you and see your brand regularly on social media. Consistency is key in marketing, specifically when everyone is at home from work and/or school. Social media is the avenue to meet your customers now more than ever- be engaging and present online. If they cannot come to you, you must go to them.

*Refine your look and show diversity