Sustainability the driver to success!

We all want our businesses to be successful. We all want to drive through the storm and be standing firm at the end of any struggle. But what are the major factors that make our business stand out the most? Sustainability!

How will your brand be recognised, or even survive for years to come? This year has definitely changed the scope of businesses, and demonstrated how quickly one should adapt for the future. It is not too late to test the sustainability of your business.

With a few steps you can set yourself up for success!


Take an internal look at the business and yourself as an entrepreneur. This is the best opportunity to analyse what your business is about, at its core. Take a deep dive and scrutinise the essence of one’s business. What is the main purpose of the business? What do you want to promote? What are your goals? How much can you produce with what is available? These are questions that ought to be asked to be an aware entrepreneur.


As simple as this may sound; this is one of the integral aspects to improve one's business. Research allows you to get more information about your business, the market, competitors, in addition to the development of new opportunities. As you continue to research you become more aware and knowledgeable of your niche and have the cutting edge above your competitors. Research allows growth and development!


As an entrepreneur, you ought to have a high drive to push yourself and the business forward to your set goals. It is said that your "attitude determines your altitude", and with a persistent mind-set, you can be fueled to your destination. One of the major elements that can assist one to be focused on the goal is a vision board. Vision boards are great when it comes to visualizing one's objectives, and studies have proven that it is effective in establishing and manifesting one's journey to success.


Due to the social climate, the world's population has increased their screen time. This gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to reach the target audience, on a technological platform. You, the entrepreneur, must take the reins in marketing your brand. Engage yourself in 'Guerilla marketing'! Let it be known who you are and what you have to offer. There are several ways to take charge of promotion online, such as Instagram, Facebook, and website, in addition to virtual pop up shops. Find different avenues to sell your products to the audience- change is a good thing

Legacy building

One of the key attributes of sustainability is the ability to have a business and brand that can withstand several generations. One must develop a structure and system that is solid and able to be taught to others in the business, in addition to receiving suggestions from such persons. This will enable you to grow as a business. Create ideas that would be remembered. Make a change in society. Think about the future. THINK & DREAM BIG!


Most importantly, join collective and larger organisations with a common goal. As a creative, you must ban together with other business in order to grow and make changes in society. The voice of a multitude is far more impactful than that of the individual. Organizations can represent you at a national, regional and international level and strengthen the core of the business in addition to providing support where you are in need. There is strength in numbers!

Success is right around the corner and achievable once you have the right attitude and committed to putting in the hard work. We in the Caribbean especially, have an innate spirit of resilience, allowing us to overcome obstacles and refine products. This resilience encourages sustainability within a business to pivot services, products and collaboration

However, with everything, work under a sense of passion, as it will be a motivation to move forward and grow.

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