Add some PINspiration to your Brand Strategy

Pinterest is a gold mind for visual strategy!! It is sometimes overlooked as a social media platform and is actually considered to rank higher than Twitter and LinkedIn (will touch business and LinkedIn at another time)! It is a visual search engine that offers great international reach with the great market share of women. It connects persons to items/photos, things in general, to what they find interesting, engaging and exciting.

How it works

Pinterest allows its users, also known as pinners, to share, discover and post/pin what others have pinned. Various folders, called boards in the Pin world, can be created to showcase various categories, styles, palettes - it basically groups together tastes and interests based on common threads. Think of the boards like digital vision/mood boards. It is very much focused on pinners sharing their lifestyle and searching for photos and items that fit into their lives or what they aspire to be or have.

Why should you care?

Well lemme break it down for ya!!

- This platform increases brand exposure and recognition, there are over 330 million users on monthly basis - a new market is ready and waiting for what you have to offer

- This platform transforms browsers into buyers - persons get straight to the source after viewing or pinning which would encourage sales

- You can link your pins to your website,blog or other social media platforms - you can drive traffic anywhere you want!

- You can create various boards for your collections, available work and events

- Suggestive boards increase engagement - you can categorise boards for DIY projects, tutorials, gift guides, how to's - be inspirational

- Tabs can be created to encourage direct sales via the "Shop Tab"

- You can connect with other designers and creatives

How can this work for you?

*Be consistent - space out your content but post often being an inspiration to your followers

*Story telling via boards can increase engagement, following and possible sales

*Know your events and seasons to maintain relevance - see examples below

*You can create a cover image that lends to your brand story - make it interesting

*Brand your photos for better recognition (example below)

*Get creative with your posts and ensure there is some call to action (example below)

*Your website photos can be made "pinable" giving you more reach - website viewers will pin to their boards and favourites, guaranteeing more eyes on your brand and more leads

*Add text to your pins to pique interest and continue the story in your descriptions (see example below)

*You can plan new collections and ideas privately for previews and better organisation before posting publicly

*Follow popular or relevant board and contribute to these frequently to gain exposure to new communities

*Follow anyone who follows you to see what inspires them – you will have a first-person look into their mind. You get to see and understand what’s trending and use that information to position your offers and products.

The platform allows you to show more authority, you can not only share your products but research and related content for your practices, processes and industry. It not only educates but shows credibility on staying on top of your operations and trends.

Pinterest is a powerful way to grow your business and overall online presence, so don't sleep on it!!

Need help with starting a page or curating boards - message us to begin!!

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