No need to Panic! Ways your business can survive COVID

The Pandemic has reached the Caribbean and people are getting worried, firstly we urge to take all precautions, listen to the news and credible sources and be mindful of your interactions, and the health of yourself, friends and family, especially those who are more at risk.

We are now seeing travel bans, emptying shelves, school and store closures, event postponements and cancellations. What does this say for fashion retail and your brand?

Here are some ways to rally through:

- Get online!!! People are staying indoors worldwide they now have more time to scroll - work on your mailing list, share your products and plans with them. Get your e-commerce going, start an etsy page, get on Amazon! Don't forget social media - reach out to your customers via YouTube, start styling tips, how to's with accessory making, online classes; FB and IG lives, chat and converse with your following, check in, educate, entertain and engage!! Reassure and empathise with your following during this time.

- Market online - use the free tools to your advantage to talk about and promote your brand. Seek out low-budget, high-impact marketing strategies to improve your small business marketing. Social media is an excellent low-cost and low-risk way to promote your business. LinkedIn, Facebook are a great good tools to build a social presence and attract attention to your business and to show you are a thought leader in what you do, take command - blogs, videos, quotes and those behind the scenes pics and videos - use them!

- Stock up on raw materials. Prices will start dropping on certain items you may need for production, minimums may lower - take advantage of this now!

- Hold back on stock for later seasons, when the market begins travelling again let your name be the first they think of for stock and style - be ready to maintain your profit margins.

- Start an online course, you have been looking at ways to develop and improve your craft. If you have to stay indoors, use this time for personal and professional development, use the money you would have used for a physical launch or sale event to increase your capacity.

- Take a break if you need, reset and recharge. Time for yourself only makes the times back to work better. Read a book, get some rest, listen to a new podcast to re-energise you to come back better and more ready!

Stay safe FAves!

For the love and fashion,