FA Caribbean Christmas Gift Guide

We have just wrapped up our last event for the year, our Christmas Pop Up and the array of talent was endless!

The countdown is on for the most wonderful time of the year and yes we have love for all the awesome local vendors (check them here) who were in attendance but we cannot forget our Caribbean brothers and sisters when we speak about gift giving!!

So here is a list of some of the local and regional brands offering great quality and unique items that would make any Caribbean Christmas special!

Let's begin with a little sparkly luxury, not as if the rest of the gift ideas are not on par, but Josanne Mark has taken jewellery design and craftsmanship to another level! Her pieces are timeless while still reminiscent of the Caribbean with designs mimicking fan coral, various plants and even the butterflies that flutter among us. Her pieces are sure to make anyone smile and certainly treasure this gift!

Body care is top priority these days, so why not gift your naturalista with organic products made from coconut and papaya from Choiselle! Products with great healing powers inspired by the bounty and hailing from the island of St Lucia!