A Designer's Marketing Guide - Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

This guide is not for the creatives who are faint of heart. It's for the designers who want to get an edge on the competition and bring their brands to the next level it deserves for 2018.

There are plenty of marketers who will tell you that there are over 20 to 50 trends you'll need to do or know for your business to make its mark. We'll show you how to implement the “creme de la creme” (only the good stuff) of good marketing trends and activities that benefit you so that you ignore the noise and focus on what’s important.

Here are the top three digital marketing trends you’ll need to showcase your brand to the world:

1. Video

Video content is ranked as the number one go-to digital marketing content in September 2017 as stated sources like by Hubspot, Inc. Magazine and Social Media Examiner, that brands and designers should focus on when making content for brand awareness. This is not only for customers but to differentiate yourself from competition alike. Iit's no surprise that it's proven, tried and placed on the top shelf of them for 2018.

"Video is driving purchase behavior where almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store" -ThinkWithGoogle.

Here are top name brands that have pulled the mark in video content since the year started:


With over 300,000 subscribers more than any fashion brand, it has the top spot in not only viewers but engagement and followers.

"48% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in the next year" - HubSpot.

Chanel Marketing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX3PSu97-u8

The need and effects of video are not only on limited to television campaign but the use of free mediums like YouTube, the origin of the video marketing pull, as well as Facebook growing right behind Youtube.

Forbes stated in September 2017 that over 500 million (that’s half a BILLION) people are watching video on Facebook every day. Internet Video Traffic will be over 80% of all consumers in 4 years.

That's just the surface data of the impact of video on social media platforms like Facebook or Youtube. It's not just the fashion industry that's in the mix of this trend but the buying culture globally across all categories.

You don't need 300,000 subscribers to create video content to do marketing, instead do the following:

Create Brand authenticity:

It gives you the chance to show viewers the who, what, where, when and how of the brand's lifestyle and mission. Getting your message verbally and visually across the globe to people who want to connect with your brand.

Why and how video compliments to your brand marketing:

You can talk about how amazing your clothes are, but you can use video to showcase how to style your pieces on a day to day basis. This allows your customers to not only understand how to wear the brand but connect with the brands own personal style and incorporate into their own.

Drive Traffic:

Not only can video content be for advertisements but it can also be just plain content material to add to your social media profile. Your potential target audience will have a higher chance of finding you regardless how old, or long ago you place your video content up.

Example: Knowing the internet, one minute you're on a video watching your favorite youtube, and then you get a suggested video, you like it and click the link in the description then BAM!, your new favorite online store you didn't know how you could live without!


If you already have a large mass of followers for your brand, note that it’s one thing to have a community and it's another to nurture and grow it to be your full force and free referral system. One way to do so engages with your followers.

Video content enables you to talk with your customers and potential audience and let them not only fall in love with the fashion you provide, but the person behind it as well.

Example: If you're having a special day for your fashion brand and you're having a party at the office, do an IG Live and let your customer be apart of the experience. Ask them questions or view their comments that might be helpful in the future.

"For Burberry to connect with it's younger generation they reportedly invested just over 60% of their marketing budget into online video content" -Luxury Marketing Report

On a side note; implementing video in your social media or marketing plans doesn't have to be a million dollar budget or a full force headache.

Here are some simple ways you can incorporate video into your brand's social media strategy, website or overall content:

Product video: you can view Forever 21 or ASOS where instead of images of products they may use videos of the models moving in the outfits or angles at which the products can be seen.

Lookbooks: If you have an upcoming, or already out, collection do a digital lookbook for it so that customer not only sees a flat dimensional image of the clothing item but know the flow and feel of the garment or product on a body.

Advertisement campaigns: if you're doing an advertisement for your products even a 30-second video can have massive results.

Behind the scenes videos: Customers love to be apart of what happens behind the scenes, it helps them to connect to a brand on a deeper level. Showing behind the scenes or even teasers of what’s to come can be great video content.

2. Advertisement

Advertisements are a common staple in any marketing and brand awareness effort. It now ranks as the second top trend for 2018, to be specific a budget increase in advertising.

Marketing dive states that the number of advertisers on social media increases, so will the cost of social ads - for context, spending on Facebook alone increased 74% year over year in 2017.


Fashion brands are beginning to turn a page in digital marketing as the results of how cost-effective it can be, as there is more than meets the eye.

Once with radio or newspaper, you would showcase your works, now with social media specific target audiences options, it's not a net in the ocean but a net in a pond, where you're sure to get customers who suit your brand's mode.

Story Time:

I knew a brand that spent 4000 USD on a three-month radio ad to get people into their store. Now needless it had some effect. But if he had taken just one-tenth of that budget for the same period in social media ads or ad words alone that money could have been used on targeting ads. It would have only been shown to his interested target audience rather than on a nationwide scale to people who weren't interested in what the brand had to offer or didn't live in the location of the store.

Nothing is wrong with print or media such as television but when you want results that you can measure, see and I know it's a stretch but to even feel, then digital marketing provides those features. That's why we have a term and calculations called "ROI" (Return on Investment). Digital marketers like myself can measure the results from campaigns and ads and fine-tune them before, after or during the campaigns lifespan so that the best results (such as an increase in sales and traffic) are always met. Tell me if radio can do that for you?

If you don't have a social media budget, then start one. If you have one, review your past performing ads or campaigns and see the best social media platforms.

3. Influence Marketing

For 2018 Influence marketing comes at number 3 in the top trends that not only designers but digital marketers are looking forward to adding to their marketing strategies as home-based staples.

Influence marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on using influential people to use and promote products. This type of marketing increases brand awareness and trust towards your buyers or audience.

As a fashion designer, influence marketing has been at the center of a designer’s recognition since it’s birth. So it's only natural that influence marketing comes in at number three as the top digital marketing trend.

You get a profile client that takes an image or performs in your designs and then buzz starts to generate around your brand.

Studies show that 74% of people look to their networks on social media for advice on buying decisions, and 40% of people have bought something based on seeing it being promoted by an influencer on Instagram or Twitter.

You can do the following:

1. Create a list of influencers you would like to reach out to; You can reach out to public figures, celebrities or up and coming or already dominating artist.


2. Find and create brand ambassadors of your own for your fashion label. You don't always have to find celebrities to be your brand ambassador but try to find people who have high engagement rates and social media following.

Ensure that if you already have a network of influencers or brand ambassadors that you start planning monthly or seasonal content to incorporate them to boost brand awareness.

However keep in mind that due to the increase in marketing efforts to use influence marketing it's beginning to come under increased scrutiny, as its very common for influencers to ask for big fees while showing very little return data. Even Big fashion brands experience these highs and lows.

With the right partnership agreements in place, you can use Influencer Marketing to make some noise for your brand in 2018.

We will continue with Influencer marketing in our next blog. Do hope this helps with your marketing, any feedback be sure to send us a message!

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