Wakanda Fashion Fever

“What are you wearing to Black Panther?” became a prominent topic of discussion across all of social media since it's first teaser in 2017! The African fashion phenomena was on our shores before this great movie but with its references to traditional and contemporary African fashion we know that this fever will remain for a very long time!

The movie, its message and all the Caribbean involvement are more than enough reasons for its deserved hype and support and we just wanted to highlight some fashion conscious movie goers who took to the theme and made it their own.

James Hackett of Lush Kingdom in his new Wakanda tees

Afiya Bishop of LOUD by Afiya, in her own design giving us both tropical and tribal in her maxi

Culture enthusiast and foodie, Nadia reused her Lost tribe accessories showing off her Dora Mijale/warrior style

Trixie and Nadia once again looking warrior strong

Stylist Keziah Lendor's all black style reminiscent of the Black Panthers Party circa 1966

Keziah looking like royalty in this green jumper made by J.Angelique Clothing

Designer, Sanian Lewis and friend, both in LOUD by Afiya looking regal for Sanian's birthday celebrations and movie viewing party.