Carnival is Fashion!

More than the infectious music, the steel pan that can be heard from the hills and valleys, to the speakers blaring on every corner for every party on all corners of our twin island, Carnival is colour, culture and FASHION!

The streets become our runways from fete land to the big stage! There are some names that have become significant with fashion and Carnival and have been raising the bar annually! Lost Tribe in their third year, continues to include local designers in their designing team and it shows! Draped cloth, flared skirts, capes and so much more than the usual bikini and beads, proving that aspects of the traditional mas of storytelling and costuming is still alive and well.

Another band that uses their creativity to their advantage and brings their Avant Garde aesthetic to their audience is K2K Alliance. Art and the story of mas embody their vision and this dynamic duo ensures their purpose of mas and fashion is personified through their pieces. Their fashionable "costumes" are not just for the road but can be worn and used long after the dust has cleared. Their credo says it all "K2k- Where fashion meets mas with a purpose." What else is there to say! Even their Monday wear is fashionable while making a statement!

K2K Monday Wear

K2K Monday wear