2018 the year of growth and possibility!

Our theme for 2018 is sustainability and recognition, not just in what we do as a business but for our clients, collaborations and the entire fashion entity as a whole! Diversification is always needed and we aim to assist with these efforts through the development and sustainability of the fashion and creative fields.

Taking a look back we were able to set the tone for where we wanted the business to go and also able to establish relationships, strategies and processes for our clients which in turn had led and would lead to increased sales and recognition.

With the good also comes learning (we don't want to just label it as bad) and here are some learnings we want to leave you with to start the new year!


Have a clearly defined written goal that is very specific about what you want to happen in your business and in your life.

1. Get out of your head and out of your way. Sometimes the obstacles we think we have are just large because we make it large, map things out and work towards daily goals and crush them!

2. Spend less time complaining about time not being enough and lack of resources be grateful for everything you do have, make it work for you until better can be done.

3. Spend time each day doing affirmations, get a journal. If your mindset is right your business flourishes. It starts with what you believe about yourself and your business.