FA Caribbean Christmas gift guide

We have told y'all about our fave local gift items but we cannot forget our Caribbean brothers and sisters!! So here is a list of some of the regional brands offering great quality and unique items that would make any Caribbean Christmas special!

Shop Caribbean and shop small this Christmas!

Season's Greetings from The Fashion Arch family!

Wrap a gift that offers happy feet with Sweetheart from Barbados created by one of the Caribbean's true entrepreneurial sweethearts, Toni Thorne! Travel light and travel far with these whimsical, sustainable and unique footwear that would make you the foot envy of the crowd!

Yummy, tropical goodness from Always Leid out of Grenada with their collection that is fun, bright and full of colour ready for all the picnics, outings and special occasions. Stand out and make a bold statement with this great resort brand.