Cheers to 5 years, Suriname Fashion Week celebrates in fashionable style!

Three great venues, Chinese opera performers, dance acts opening fashion presentations, fierce models, fashionable attendees, resort, evening wear, swim, menswear and even a fall/winter collection made of recycled materials all equate to the great production that was Suriname Fashion Week 2017.

Dancers/models Raviq and Isaiah

Five years strong and they did not come to play! Suriname Fashion Week under the production of Jeweller, Warda Marica and Photographer, Helio Phoeli of Suriname N’ Style, was wonderful! The Fashion Arch was invited once again to attend the runway shows, network and to host a workshop on the importance of branding.

The format for this year’s Fashion week was a bit different, with each event being hosted at a different venue and the cast of designers extending not just regionally but across the world. Eighteen designers participated hailing from Suriname, Guyana, French Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, The Netherlands and China.

De Waag, transformed for the final night

The runway at the Chinese Ambassador's residence for Fashion and Charity

The networking night was handled by the Chinese Embassy, who took a keen interest in this year’s proceedings especially with the involvement of Chinese designers, Tiffany Pattinson and Ho Kin Wah. “Charity Meets Fashion”, the designers’ gala evening hosted by the Chinese Ambassador at his residence, started off the week with a bang! Members of government, the Ambassador’s office, the business community, influencers, fashion stakeholders came together for charity and were in for an delightful tease of what the days ahead held with fashion from Abraham Leinga (men’s collection), Saga Do Rose, Akasha Knott, Achmi Designs, Gisella Sumpter, Warda Marica, Aaron Moneer (women’s collection), Kerr & Marcelle, Tiffany Pattinson and Ho Kin Wah crossing the glamorous runway. Talks on hosting possible fashion exchanges between Suriname and China was one of the main reasons for this charitable event.

Kerr and Marcelle Designs