From Cuba to Italy, Ecliff Elie's essence rises!

Coming off the high of the music and culture of Cuban streets with TIMBA, Ecliff Elie a pioneer for men’s fashion in Trinidad and Tobago launched his 2018-luxury collection on Tuesday September 26th at the Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain. The inspiration? Italy, the epitome of luxury and traditional fashion especially menswear, Ecliff absorbed all the magnificent country had to offer - art, architecture, history and supreme artistry and skill when it came to tailored suits. He returned to Trinidad with his inspiration and designed PRIMA VOLTA “the essence of Italian style: sophistication, comfort, appeal and luxury."

And that it was, the collection was an exceptional mix of vibrant suiting for that added Caribbean flavour, quality details and opulent styling. Against the backdrop of a clean white runway the focus was set on the fantastic tailoring, there is nothing better than a perfectly fitted suit, the smooth lines and sleek finish it creates. But more than that, Ecliff helps men to experiment with style, showcasing that suits don’t have to be boring to be luxurious or sophisticated, fashion is exciting and fun, and it’s about time men in Trinidad and Tobago get a chance to experience that.

The anticipation grew as we waited to what turned out to be a great show with stunning pieces, energetic models and an organized layout. However, waiting an hour and half for the show to start was not what guests signed up for especially since this was a ticketed event. Timing is something we struggle with in Trinidad and Tobago everyone always assumes something is going to start late because that’s how ‘Trinis’ operate but to be considered professional in any business that is not an impression you want to leave. In the process of trying to accommodate the multiple celebrities, paying guests and their time may not have been held in great regard.

The collection also had something for every man, child and woman as we saw local celebrity Fay-Ann Lyons graced the runway with her presence in a cool androgynous suit but she wasn’t alone, as Elie invited many of his brand ambassadors and local celebrities to be models for the show including Bunji Garlin, Sunny Bling, Sekon Star, Ro'dey, Rayad Emrit and Jehue Gordon. It was heart-warming to see so many celebrities come out to support a local designer, their presence and support shows that they are willing to support the industry and help it grow.