Know your brand story

Brand stories create personal connections with the customer, it builds on personality and associates emotion with your brand. Your market and the general public is attracted to strong narratives and visuals, especially in the light of the great use and dependence on social media, content creation is key!

Four tips to assist with getting your story out to world.

1. Use powerful and personal imagery

Take your customer on a visual journey, leave them inspired! Make the investment to create original visuals that portray the exact story you want your brand to tell. Know your platform and what works best, know your community and apply what works best for each social platforms.

2. Use your customer and community to share YOUR story.

A customer can add to your story after purchasing, interacting with your or from visiting and engaging with your social pages. This allows for peered sharing of their own words and visuals giving your story and brand more credibility. Find your advocates, your “day-ones” and allow them to share your story through their eyes and mouths.

3. Ensure your story reaches ALL.

Make you story relatable and reachable to everyone, outside of your regular market and community. Telling your brand story on social media means that you have to be unique yet still attainable by the average social media user.

4. Allow your story to become larger than your brand!

The mood, words and context of your story dictates the pace that motivates your community. Let the words speak more of lifestyle, ways to empower and becomes more personal to the consumer. Great brands rely on stories to define their brands. Approach your storytelling with an authentic yet broader scope than a brand-specific filter.