Week 1 is over! 7.7.17

The first week of July is over, the 2nd of making 2017 your best!

There are some key tips that you can address in your branding your business to ensure achieve great engagement, buy in, support and of course sales!

Here are 7 tips on the 7th day of the 7th month of 2017!

1. Ensuring people buy

Create a connection through quality service from viewing, to purchasing to after care. Provide high quality and consistent service with quality products.

2. Showing your market how to wear

Do styled photo shoots, full outfits, mix and match show off your products professionally! Repost customers in your pieces, show "real people in your work for better engagement.

3. Showing your market when to wear

Show your customers where you imagine your pieces to be worn. Stage shoots with pieces in desired settings, promote the pieces.

4. Showing value through pricing

Show benefits gained from purchasing your product, target the right customer, gain the customer's attention and approval aiming to build sales faster and more profitably.

5. Sharing the story behind the fabric

Describe your fabrics choices, how does it connect with your collection. Create a story that describes the touch, feel, print and texture of the fabric used. Create a vivid picture that excites and intrigues.

6. Making shopping easy

Have a website or landing page to expand your market. If not, use social media wisely and promote your products, collections and prices. Make ordering, pick up and delivery simple and easily accessible.

7. Presentation is key!

When displaying be sure that the themes, colours and signage match your brand and product. Invest in suitable labels, receipts and packaging that best echoes your brand. Present yourself the way you want to be addressed and remembered....you are also a part of the package!

Be true to your brand , be unique, be creative and have fun with your branding!!

Happy Friday!