Eclectic styles shine at UTT's Fashion Show 2017

Last Sunday, the car park of the John Donaldson Campus became alive with fashion!

The highlight - Final Thesis Collections from the fourth year graduating class. Students were given time and guidance to conceptualise a collection based on research, imagination, and their training over the past four years. Family, friends and new and old members of the fashion fraternity came out to what we consider a great showing. Projections of illustrations and photos of the student's designs welcomed you into the night's festivities transforming the space into a truly, eclectic fashion arena. We were also pleased to see the support from the CAFD alumni in attendance.

We were particularly impressed with the amount of freedom this year's class was given - from origami inspired pieces, children's wear, bamboo inspired clothing and hand made shoes to ruffled tops turning into cloth bouquets, ruffle and petal peplum styles, skirts with lights to futuristic styles geared for the Apocalypse - truly eclectic!!

According to UTT's Caribbean Academy of Fashion Design; "Thesis Collections - a group of six looks, is entirely conceived, researched and designed by each graduation fashion designer student."

This year's theme "Eclectic - deriving ideas styles or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. The class of 2017 is a young, eclectic blend of designers, who collectively are a diverse mix of ages, backgrounds, creative themes, personalities, nationalities and so much more. Thus creating a collage so eclectic, it exhibits a fresh, new, vibrant era of the Caribbean Fashion Industry."

Truer words could not have been said - Eclectic, Fresh, Vibrant!

We congratulate the graduating class of 2017 for their amazing work and effort and the CAFD for continuing to develop the regional fashion industry.

Special mention to some of our faves for the night - Reuben Gonzales, Ian La Roche, Jody Akal (Winner of retail contract with Simply Runway), Keri Bazzey (Winner - Most Promising Designer) and of course, Adrian Wilson CAFD Student Designer of the Year!

See below some of our favourite looks, we can't wait see what's next from this talented bunch!

*Photos by Leon Williams of DIStink Management/DIStink Images

"The Destruction of the Natural Environment" - Hazel Stanislaus

"Juice it Season" - Nedra Waldron

"Colour me Caribbean" - Ian La Roche

"La Diablesse A la Mode" - Jody Akal

"Fleet's In" - Nelson Sterling