May the month for Mum!

Mother's Day is around the corner, have you already decided on or got her a gift?

We know sometimes it may be a bit tough to get mum exactly what she wants, and how many gift certificates can she really use? Whatever you get here we know she will appreciate it.

We're sharing a few gift ideas for the different types of mums out there, hope they help!

For the Minimalist Mum - She's simple yet chic, keeps her clothing and jewellery simple, no big fuss yet she is stylish!


Adrian Foster

Nude Designs

The High-End Mum - She knows what she wants, elaborate is her middle name, the finer things in life excites her. One of a kind pieces are her treasures.

Studio Angelique

Lisa Faye


Rachel Rochford

Rhion Romany

The Millennial Mum/Young at Heart Mum - Sprity, fun, colourful! She is into the new trends, not afraid to show some skin and be bold in her style.

LOUD by Afiya Bishop

Brown Cotton Caribbean

Shop Shari

The "Summer Body" Mum - She's a beach bum and has the body to prove it, or may not but appreciates any opportunity to show off a new swimmie with her fave sunglasses and book!

Rhion Romany

Marie Collette

Chandra Maharaj

The Golden Pineapple - a boutique for swimwear, accessories and resort wear

Sunnies - Sanianitos

The Statement Mum - She loves to stand out, vibrant prints and styles are a must have, the brighter the better, the more unique the greater!


Cocoa Vintage

Jo Fille - she does makeup as well!

Sew Lisa - one of a kind belts to die for!

The Home Body Mum - she's a home maker with style, an eye for detail, looking for new things to add some spunk to the various rooms of her home, boasts with pride to friends and family of her new heirlooms!

Cocoa Vintage - jewellery holders

SMWarner - hand painted wares

Toni Crockett

Afro funkk

Naturalista Mum - she is eco-conscious, a friend to nature, recycles and wears natural pieces and sports natural hair proudly!

Akilah's Jewellery

Vyombo Designs

EJ Designs

Turtle Warrior

Wrap Crush

Pampering/DIY Mum - The name says it all she just wants to be pampered but may not always have the time to go to spa so she treats herself at home with great products, from soaps, hair care, pedicures to candles she enjoys her relax and grooming time!

Immortelle Beauty

Wholesome You

Kylex Naturals - they even have their own spa!

Eco Truffles - they have their own spa too!!

We hope we didn't overwhelm you and you were able to find something for that special lady in your life and hope they have a great Mother's Day!

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