Monday Madness!

We have four more Mondays to go before the greatest show on Earth takes over the streets of T&T and one Monday we know most Trinidadians and many visitors look forward to- Carnival Monday!

Fashion has taken over the streets with the masqueraders doing away with wearing their costumes for two days but trying to up their individuality and expression by putting on their own designs or choice. Designers capitalised on this notion and created their own variations of Monday wear.

Certainly trending and growing yearly, swimsuit designers, resort wear designers and even Soca artistes have thrown their hat in the ring offering dozens of choices to the masses with designs and styles for all!

Here are some of our top choices (if you are still looking):

Royalty by Fonrose

We were descended from "ROYALTY"

African inspired pieces with great coverage for most body types while still keeping pieces sultry with vibrant colours and trimmings. Fonrose has pushed the enveloped where some of her pieces can even be considered as an option for fete-wear!

Himaya by Nadia Batson

Nadia ensured that the plus sized masquerader feels comfortable yet look amazing in these tribal printed, fringed whole suits and even high-waisted bottoms for the daring. Adding shapes and texture to these pieces adds coverage where needed while accentuating the figure.

Masquerade by Marie Collette

Carnival is colour and this designer holds nothing back with bold colours and prints with sexy cut out details, she has become a well known name in the Monday wear fraternity and has now added a notch to her belt by becoming a costume designer for the band YUMA.

Goddess by