Let's get it together in 2017!

"Fitting in is a short-term strategy, standing out pays off in the long run." - Seth Godin

Setting yourself apart and establishing your presence is key to giving your brand loyal customers and by extension longevity, ensuring that you will always have new customers.

Here are some tips to set you apart and improve your brand in the upcoming year.

  1. Take a look back

Before you make any changes, take some time to review your records and any information regarding your brand. Keep what works and also think of ways to improve them. Review your company's goals, mission and vision. How many of your goals have you achieved? Do you still have the same mission? Take your time to honestly answer these questions. It is okay to have a change of vision and goals, trends and markets are changing, so you need to keep up.

2. Do your research

With your new vision in mind, take the time to research themes and design elements that may reflect your brand and its story. Get inspired! Create a mood board or make a re-branding folder with all your inspiration and ideas. Make lists, get organized! It is important to have that distinguishing mark that will stay with your customers and market. Even if you are just starting out, focus on the design and quality of your product. These are two elements that will leave and imprint on your customer’s mind.

3. Keep your supporters and clients informed.

Re-branding should be gradual and not sudden. Inform your clients about the upcoming changes. Give them sneak peeks of what is to come. Create excitement and don't be discouraged by those who may express disappointment. Wow them with what is to come! Share your journey, behind the scenes allow your audience to identify with, understand and trust you more.

4. Be consistent in your re-brand

Be sure to carry to same handle on all profiles and platforms. Always make it easy for your supporters to find you.

5. Believe in your brand.

Change is never easy. Trust your decisions. Believe and work hard towards your new goals and see the results. Keep a positive attitude even in times of failure.

So for the new year, if you have not done it already, make sure you invest time, energy and creativity into separating yourself and standing out.

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