Southern Caribbean shines at Suriname Fashion Week 2016

Aaron Moneer - Trinidad and Tobago

Beverly A - French Guiana

We at the Fashion Arch are definitely adding Suriname fashion week to our list of regional fashion events to attend! It was indeed an honour to be invited, not just to experience the fabulous fashion hosted by Jeweller, Warda Marica and Photographer, Helio Phoeli of Suriname N’ Style but also be one of the featured speakers at the opening night along with resident bloggers.

The 4th edition of Suriname fashion Week kicked off with a lively press and networking night where stakeholders, designers and sponsors all mingled at the lounge of the Courtyard Marriott Paramaribo. Designers were given the opportunity to showcase and speak on some of their pieces during the night,. Among the crowd were some Suriname socialites such as, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger, Olivia Samuel; TV host, Simone Verwey; Vlogger Jaleeza Weibolt (Totally Jay); Miss Tropical Beauties Suriname and the founders of Stitching Fashion and Art Suriname, a fashion and arts NGO.

Simon and Olivia - Surinamese media personalities

The fashionable, curious and trendy were all out for the various nights and none left disappointed as they were wowed with various styles, colours and creations all inspired by the Caribbean and its culture and heritage. This year there were 21 designers reigning from Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago and St Lucia.

Surinamese designers who participated were Christel Nirk (clean cut womenswear with great construction), Warda Marica Jewelry (showcasing a sustainable, recycled collection using plastic bags – “ a metalsmith goes plastic”), Jewelry bar by Icana (intricate and unique pieces made with wood, precious stones and metals) with a special intro with breast cancer survivors coming out on motorcycles clad in bravery, strength, honour and the designer's new collection - We Believe in Pink. Binel Jewels (jewelry made of wood, seeds, natural materials), Saga Do Rose (inspired by Indonesian design), Tifen Akobe (inspired by the culture/maroons of Suriname), Cheryl Cedar (African and Surinamese inspired with great knit additions), Afrotoonz (streetwear), Carina Poleon aka Floh Jo (Crochet womenswear) Meredith Joeroeja (militant inspired urban wear) , and model turned designer Abraham Lienga who portrayed chic/goth trenches and tops for men and gowns with daring plunge lines for women.