UTT CAFD Senior Thesis Fashion Show - A start for runway to retail

As a continuance to a recent blog post by Tenille Clarke, a Public Relations Consultant with Chambers Media Solutions and Lifestyle Writer based in the Caribbean, we too were present at the recent CAFD Senior Theses Showcase.

The details, silhouettes, references to trends, styling, choice of colours and textures were promising! From petal layered dreses, tailored denim suits, caged tops, dyed cloths, hashtag inspired jumpers, flowy cottons, conch shells as purses, architecture coming alive through block and concrete like details, rope- like chains and designs, to laser cut details to bags being transformed into skirts and blazers, these graduates are getting it. They have gone through their four years at the Academy and have created fairly strong collections, taken into consideration fabrics, stories and inspiration for their lines.

Awards/Winners are as follows:


The designer is responsible for setting a project and then lending their expertise and help to a group of Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design (CAFD) students.

[Shaun Griffith Perez Award for Designer Critic 2016]

 2nd Place Gabriella McMillan

 Winner: Adrian Wilson

[Robert Young Award for Designer Critic 2016]

 2nd Fulani Greg

 Winner: Hazel Stanislaus


Fashion Styling project where the students were required to create editorial stories for a prominent fashion magazine.

 2nd Place: Rebecca Aird "Tomboyish"

 Winner: Gerard Perry "Boudoir Chic"


Senior students hosted “Designer Spaces”; a static display of their retail/boutique spaces for their 2016 mini thesis collections. ”

[Creativity Award]

 2 nd Place: Shaahida Carr,

 Winner: Marie Richardson

[Janoura's Award for Most Promising Designer]

 Winner: Shaahida Carr

[Student of the year]

Congratulations to Harvey Robertson, CAFD Student of the Year 2016

So it's over, awards and titles have been received..congratulations to all the students...now what?

The graduates now, once serious about their craft, passion and vision, take their talents and create brands and businesses or assist others with accomplishing their business goals - either way they have to take it seriously. Outside of great design is the management of the collections and brands. We must take into consideration the BUSINESS side of fashion. We need to take into consideration based on the blog posted by Tenille - "the next stages of garment production and brand development". Taking it from runway to retail is key!

Presentation, quality production, marketing, branding and promotion all play a great part of the development for any fashion designer/professional.