Produce, pack it up, promote, promote, promote!

Having your own Trunk Show or participating in a Trade Show soon? Here are some ways to get the most out of your event;

- Promote, promote, promote!! The store or tradeshow should have your brand prominently featured on their store website and their event page, and email announcements to their customer base. You should also contact all of your existing customers as well, through email and social media. You can send out a press release but Social Media is your greatest friend!

Recent TrunkShow flyer with 212 and Susan Santos

- Ensure to have a guest book out to capture the names, phone numbers, E-mail addresses of customers who attend. These will be a great resource for future shows, and a mailing list to feature new work from you.

- Create an environment which is very relaxing to guests and invites shopping. Serving beverages, wine and/or finger food at Trunk Shows can make a more festive atmosphere.

- Look sharp… be sharp… and be kind… Be assertive, memorable and talk to everyone! Show that you really care about your guests. Dress the part, and be friendly and attentive to your customers. The more helpful and accommodating you are, the more sales you will encourage.

Designer Lisa See Tai, in her own designs talking about her new piece at Th Shop

- Tell the story of your work – Show your process, talk about your inspiration, your research, why your use the materials you use. Have material on hand to promote your line and help customers/buyers remember you. Your story creates greater value and appreciation in their minds. Talk about the part you play in the industry not just about yourself. Have faith in your content and value.

- Offer free consultations, bring samples of your palette, materials or colour selections and work with each customer personally, to enhance their experience and encourage sales.

- Make your customer service impeccable and FOLLOW THROUGH! Send a personal thank you note to the store owner/trade show manager for the opportunity, and communicate promptly with those who placed special orders. Ship on time, thanking them for their order. Even enclose a small item as a little extra gift to show your appreciation.