When the Lights Dim on the Runway

So you have been selected for that popular fashion/runway event either in your country or internationally, congratulations!

Photo courtesy Lime TT

But what happens after the runway? What about before, are you properly prepared for orders, sales, new clients, the coverage you will receive?

Before the show:

- Have your look book ready

- Pack your business cards, order sheets, contact forms

- Do fittings with your models, proper fit is IMPORTANT!

- Make edits to your collection to suit the event, the theme and the audience.

After the show:

- SALES - the main purpose of showing your collection and your brand, have sales goals!

- Enquire about a pop up shop and walk with extra stock or ensure pieces on the runway are on display for sale/orders

- Have meetings with the stylists, bloggers, retailers to promote your brand and collection

- Get photos of your pieces on the runway to add to your portfolio, guaranteed and increased brand awareness

- Find purpose and connections throughout the event!

Photo courtesy: Dee's Photography

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