BRANDEMIC - Branding in the time of COVID

We know that getting traction to your business may be a daunting and overwhelming process within these new times, but we are here to help you through. This is such a great opportunity for businesses to re-establish their connections with old customers, while meeting some new faces. This is the time to grab the reigns on your branding- you do not want to miss out on capturing some additional sales. Here are some tips you can implement to improve business activity this COVID period: * Reconnecting with customers/market Ensure that you engage with your audience, and understand what they need at this time. Reconnect with your customers- find out what they want and provide it to them. Be sure to

Driving Business Online

In this technological age, a lot of business and transactions are taken place on a virtual platform; this is no different when it comes to commerce. To take your business to the next level, and expand the clientele, you must develop a digital platform to market your brand. Platforms that can be used include: Instagram, Facebook, websites, mailing lists, Whatsapp and Zoom for virtual pop-ups and other experiences/events. In order to be successful on these platforms, one must know the target audience primarily. This will enable you to know which platform is more effective, and the strategies that ought to be implemented. Whether it is a website and/or a social media platform, there are some f

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