Fashionable Mask Brands

Illustration by Leighton Starr A recommendation has been made for the public to wear cloth face coverings when leaving the house and interacting with others. This may just be the new "normal" as we practice safe distancing to avoid contracting the Corona Virus and to flatten the curve especially in the areas that may have a higher probability of community spread. We're all about style while still being functional at The Fashion Arch so here a couple local fashion brands that have been supplying stylish masks for men and women, click on the photos to contact the designers for more info and ordering. Be safe all but make it fashion!!! Hand Painted masks for men and women by SMWarner art with a

Add some PINspiration to your Brand Strategy

Pinterest is a gold mind for visual strategy!! It is sometimes overlooked as a social media platform and is actually considered to rank higher than Twitter and LinkedIn (will touch business and LinkedIn at another time)! It is a visual search engine that offers great international reach with the great market share of women. It connects persons to items/photos, things in general, to what they find interesting, engaging and exciting. How it works Pinterest allows its users, also known as pinners, to share, discover and post/pin what others have pinned. Various folders, called boards in the Pin world, can be created to showcase various categories, styles, palettes - it basically groups together

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